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Shirley Story:
Just checked CAC web site. Not much left without you Jim. Thanks for all you did for them. Glad to see your pictures here. Shirley

Amy Tadwell:
Hi, love your designs. Very original and unique! Wondering if youwould care to exchange links. I have a wearable art page on my site andwould like to put your link here www.artopp.net click on 'wearable art'on the navigation links.Let me know if your interested.Best RegardsAmy Tadwell.

Sandra Johnson:
Venice Florida
Can't wait to see you finish the site!

Barbara Fischer:
Prior Lake
Nice website. Very informative for the beginner like me. Also from England I came to the US in 1996. Are we sisters or just bookends?

Kurt :

Sonia :
Madison, WI
What a wonderful sight! I'm a Girl Scout Leader (8 & 9 yr. olds) and we will be doing a ceramics and clay badge next month. I can't wait to show the girls your web site...maybe one day their dream will come true too.

Barry BILOU:
Nice Site! Visit ours. http://www.free-people-search-international.com

Cool site

I found your site very interesting

Richard Wike, Sr.:
Palm Bay, FL
Unbelievable! What a change you two have made since I first saw it. The pieces that caron has made are great. Jim, get a few pieces of woodwork in here.

Deforrest Hamilton :
Washington, IL
I'm not an artist, but this is so interesting.

Olivia D Brown:
Wagram, NC
There is so much creative spirit in handbuilding. Your work is beautiful. Thanks so much for all your help today. Olivia

Joanna Kaleigh:
Blissfield (the real name...)
Your comments made me cry today...."Ever since I was a little girl, I have been wishfully thinking of all the things a little girl could want..."... Thank You for putting into words my feelings and giving me the inspiration that it is possible to turn those wishes into my reality.

Tracy Parlier:
I am taking pottery classes at CCC&TI. Your stuff is really cool.

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