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Anyone can do pottery as long as they have some use of their hands. If they have limited use of hands, tools can be adapted to accommodate them. The use of clay can strengthen hands, arms, back, and fine motor skills (need reference to physical therapy professional). Small children to seniors love to play with clay.

WHAT DO YOU NEED: There are only three things you actually need:

  • You need clay.
  • You need your hands.
  • You need to want to do something.

You don't even really need use of a kiln. Just let the clay dry and then paint it. It will not hold water and will be fragile but it will hold its shape for years if kept dry. There are a lot more things you can use to make it more fun. Sometimes it turns into a scavenger hunt. I still am on the look out for more tools.

Let's go through the basic steps in hand building!

  1. Collect the clay and tools you need to get started.
  2. Wedge clay.
  3. Start forming the piece.
  4. Cover with plastic and let dry to leather hard stage.
  5. Continue forming (at this point you can still add parts).
  6. Texture, decorate, and clean up piece.
  7. Cover loosely with plastic to slowly dry.
  8. Underglaze if you want at this point.
  9. Gently sand out imperfections (handle very gently - this is the most fragile stage).
  10. When bone dry, bisque fire the piece.
  11. Sand out any imperfections.
  12. Glaze.
  13. Final fire.
  14. Take out of kiln.






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