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  • BASE - the bottom section of the pot
  • BISQUE - Piece that has gone through the first firing
  • BODY - the main part of the piece you are building
  • BONE DRY - completely dry (hold it up to your face and it doesn\rquote t feel cold)
  • CLAY - a mixture of minerals with plastic qualities that turns to stone-like when fired
  • COIL - clay formed into rolls like ropes
  • EARTHENWARE - pottery final fired at low temperature will not hold water unless glazed
  • FIRE - heating clay to a specific temperature to change chemical bonds
  • GLAZE - a glossy, lustrous or dull surface put on pottery before final firing basically ground glass and colorants
  • GREENWARE - dry pottery that have not been fired
  • KILN - an oven that reaches temperatures over 2000 degrees to fire pottery
  • LEATHER DRY - the first stage in drying when the clay becomes stiff but still flexible like leather
  • MOIST - clay is in good condition to work can be shaped easily without cracks appearing on the edges
  • MOLD - something to form clay in or around
  • PADDLE - gently slap clay to form or texture a piece (relieves stresses and brings air bubbles to surface)
  • PINCH POT - ball of clay formed into a shape by pinching
  • PLASTIC(ity) - a quality of clay in moist or leather hard stage that allows it to be shaped, and keeps it's form until dry
  • PYROMETRIC CONES - small clay cones used to indicate the kiln temperature by melting. Also used when buying clay so you know what temperature to fire your clay
  • CONE - a term used to indicate the temperature that the clay will mature example 04, 02, 1, 2...
  • SCORE - scratch small lines, cross hatching in clay for attaching parts
  • SLAB - flat sheets of clay rolled or sliced
  • SLIP - water and clay mixed to a creamy blend
  • STONEWARE - pottery final fired to higher temperature will hold water without glaze
  • TERRA-COTTA - similar to earthenware but not usually glazed
  • TEXTURE - a surface decoration
  • VITRIFICATION - the point in final firing when clay becomes stone-like
  • WEDGING - slamming and kneading clay to remove air bubbles, blend the clay to a uniform state, and make ready to work
  • WET - clay that will stick to your hands and surfaces





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